Project Update 01

Hey everyone! It has been quite some time since my last update. A month exactly (totally unplanned by the way), but I don’t have quite that much to show for it. Just a bunch of minor things that I have managed to start or finish as I have been a little busy this month and haven’t had much free time. I have dealt with frequent computer crashes, reattempting to read through my ever growing pile of literature, and spending time with my family. During all of this I have only managed to get a few more props in, focusing on modeling and texturing electrical props, drapes, and the tree.


Dealing with the technical side of things, it took some time to figure out what was ailing my computer. My computer was dealing with frequent freezes when browsing Arstation, app crashes, and excruciatingly slow bake times on the lowest possible settings. Just frustrating nuisances that can kill any motivational energy. Which to note only recently cropped up and the computer is only 3 months old! So after downloading CPUID’s HWMonitor [App], at the suggestion of a friend,  I found out that my CPU was running at 80C [ 176F]. That is unreasonably high for a CPU for any non techy folk (like myself). This just led me down a rabbit hole of research, but summed up I did the following to successfully have my CPU run at about 48C [188F] currently.


I also set the 4 fans I have in my computer from the fancy Performance setting to Maximum Overdrive! this, honestly, I should have done first and is probably the real reason the temperature has gone down.

I have also managed to finish off two books this month and have started listening to a new podcast that I thoroughly enjoy and manages to make the workday speed on by.

  • The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) by Seth Godin

Essentially the title above sums the content up very well. It’s a super quick read, in which I found motivating and informative. It helped me apply some truths to my own career path and  definitely recommend it!

  • Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living by Nick Offerman 

This one was a joy to read and did so just for the fun of it. It was very entertaining with a little bit of country wisdom thrown in. It took about a day or so to read and if you got the time check it out or grab the audio book because lets be real, who doesn’t want Ron Swanson reading in your ear.

  • Critical Role from Geek and Sundry

Last a Dungeon and Dragons podcast, that plays out like a radio drama. Lots of “Theater of the Mind” play style, in which I have found my self laughing out loud hysterically in the middle of  our office’s own version of A Quite Place. Because it’s either that or painfully holding back the joy causing choking, teary eyes, and worrisome glances from the programmers. If you want to get your Nerd On, you should check them out for a good time.

Now onto the real stuff!


Now for the real content. During the research and modeling process I delved into foliage practices and texturing, in which I hope to implement improved foliage into my next milestone. But for now I have a small test scene and assets that I created in order to generate a quick tree for my scene.



I plan to fill in the background environment with many trees using a similar method, that is pictured below. Essentially I blocked out the tree and limbs in Maya, then sculpted the details in Zbrush and baked out the maps in Substance Painter. For the Limbs I started off with three sets and three variations to quickly generate various limbs that then attached to my tree.


I think the results look pretty good and will be going back to add foliage cards so my tree doesn’t look so naked. So that just about wraps up this update. I’m looking to add more props and foliage by the time I finish my next milestone. As always you can reach me on Twitter if you want to get in touch, and I am always open to critiques and feedback!



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