2018 Rewind Time

2018 has come to an end which means it’s time to frantically rush through many unfinished projects while reflecting on this years accomplishments. Having started this blog about five months ago there isn’t much for content on here. But I wanted to reflect on some accomplishments that haven’t really been shared publicly.

Big Life Update

So first thing up, Meet Flick! One of the biggest surprises of 2018 was the new addition to our small little family.

Story Time…

Probably the luckiest kitten I’ve ever meet. One night, my significant other and I were driving home. She saw him crossing the road as two [ TWO! ] cars swerved in front of us. Slamming on the breaks, my fiance immediately jumped out of the car into 6 lanes of traffic in order to save him. After scoping him up, she then frantically tried to cross those six lanes to get to the sidewalk instead of, you know, just returning to the car. We ended up taking him back home with us, as all shelters were closed for the night and the only open Vet ER refused to see him as he was possibly feral. [ It was around 10pm by this point. ] After about a week or two of bottle feeding him we ended up naming him Flick [ not for the irony of him being flicked out of the back of a car, which is the only way we could theorize him ending up in the middle of the road. ] but because our senior kitty is named Meeko. Named after the raccoon from Pocahontas. At the time we both thought the humming bird’s name was Flick. [ It’s actually Flit. ] It wasn’t until after we gave the Vet that name did we realize it was wrong. But that name was already on all the paperwork. After that he, well, just stayed around. Although we were “actively” looking for a foster home. [ One Facebook Post made at 3am. ]

2018 Accomplishments

1. Built a PC

After working on and starting my career with a 2014 Macbook Pro, after four years I have finally made the switch to PC. A very basic and somewhat limiting build that has a few hiccups here and there but it was my first attempt at machine building. Which really was just me altering a few parts in a already built PC, nothing to complicated however it did cost more to upgrade the pre-built model than it would have if I had just bought the parts individual and built it myself while crossing my fingers that everything went correctly. But from this experience I learned a lot about PC Builds, subscribed to some cool content creators, and learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes it’s just easier [ and cheaper ] to risk failure and do it yourself.

This right here is my current build [ but covered in random Red Bubble Stickers. ] With a few minor upgrades, which include :

  • A new Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E500B/AM)
  • Additional G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM Desktop Memory (1600 MHz, PC3 12800) F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL. Allowing for 32 GB RAM
  • And a new coating of ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Paste, as my CPU was reaching 70F while running Chrome.

2. This Blog

I started writing again! After seeing so many amazing artists start blogs and give informative insights to their careers and jobs, I decided to join the ban wagon and do the same. Hopefully in doing so something will come out of this that will give back to this amazing community that I find myself in.

3. Polycount Front Page

A personal highlight and accomplishment for me! One of my projects made it to the front page of Polycount. If you want to see the breakdown of that sword you can do so here -> Induction Blade

Honorable Mentions

  • Throughout 2018 I managed to accomplish a lot for my career as a freelancer, that I yet can’t discuss yet but hopefully soon!
  • Finished one personal Prop from start to finish. [ Better than 0 props! ]
  • Got a little farther on my personal environment. [ Which I really need to wrap up and let go of this perfectionism I’ve indirectly applied to it. Like seriously the project is like 2 years old now dudes. ]
  • Finished Six Books, ranging from Game Design, Autobiographies, and Programming books. [ Mostly for the Pi and possibly cool robot builds. ]

2019 Goals

And of course following traditional cultural practices, going into the new year means creating new goals. [ To later break after a few months. ] Given that this is a “new” blog [ new me ] my 2019 goals are made for the purpose of having small stepping stones. Hopefully in a good direction.

1. More Artwork

Literally anything goes with this simple goal of just making more art. Whether that be doodles, traditional drawing, props, environments. Art is art, and I plan to make more of it.

Image result for art meme

2. More Reading & Writing

So far I have managed to keep to about two blog posts a month, but just barely. With the new year reworking and producing more written content would be a huge improvement.

3. Diet & Exercise

Honesty what new year’s resolution would be complete without the foundation of a change in one’s diet and exercise? But we have to start with baby steps. So first things to completely get rid of are soda and fast food. We tried the Keto Diet but it only lasted a few months before we caved. Also things got really busy leading up to the holidays that our will cracked and we got pizza one time. From there it was a down hill slope to pasta and breads. Lots. Of pasta. And bread.

With that and the many other goals and projects I have left, thanks to the Scrum Plugin “Burndown for Trello”, I wont be finishing my goals until around June 20, 2021. Which should be fun to see that time estimate get smaller in 2019!

And that’s a wrap on 2018, cheers!

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