2019 Rewind Time

Well it’s that time of year again, were I recollect all the shucked responsibilities and dead projects that I have let fall by the wayside. Giving me the opportunity to clean up and reorganize projects for the new year and attempt to plan some out for 2020. During this time I also managed to get organized and created a fun board! Attempting to follow a SCRUM mock-up, the process below is self-explanatory. Just move a sticky note through the pipeline to track the progress of various projects.

Looking back, last year I gave myself three simple goals to stick too. More Artwork, more reading & writing, and more healthy life choices. Pretty simple…right?


This year has been pretty slow with personal projects. I managed to get one project sorted, organized, and posted. My Store AR Development which was done as a look-dev for a competition hosted by Magic Leap and AT&T earlier this year.


Other projects however haven’t made it as far. Handful of Rev-Share opportunities have abruptly ended, due to either project management or life just eating up all the down time. But two projects that I was apart of earlier this year were quite fun and enjoyable to work on while I had the time to!

First up was helping the Bloody Mary team develop a mobile thriller based off the folklore legend. I was able to contribute a handful of props during my time with them.

“Return to elementary school where you confront the girl of your nightmares. A horror tale taking place in 1993, experience the lore, atmosphere, and fear as you learn the unsettling truth about her, and yourself. But whatever you do, stay out of the bathroom!”

Bloody Mary Game Design Document

Another project was Bladedawn. A competitive MMO designed by Jeroen “Naro”. For this project I contributed even more 3D props to be utilized in a top down environment. While Naro handled the web and game design.

And some additional freelance work I did all the way back in February!

The only personal project that I have managed to work on here and there is recreating the tanks designed by James McDonald. Which he used for the mobile game Battle Nations. You can find his twitter here.

This project actually started last year at the begging of December and as you can see it has taken some time to get this project where it is now.

With one tank left this project should be wrapped up at the beginning of the new year!

And, of course, my Art Test for Phoenix Point. Which you can check out at the link below for images.

Postmortem Art Test

I mostly stuck to 3D work this time around. I did attempt to return to traditional and digital drawing using CtrlPaint‘s free library of tutorials. However I quickly discovered I don’t have much time to sit down, decompress, and draw traditionally. If I want to re-pursue traditional art, I’m going to need to figure out a more streamlined process.

Writing & Reading

As for my writing this year, I was able to manage but one post. My Art Test for Phoenix Point. Other than that not much on the written side of things, minus a few Game Design Documents and Templates that I have been working on throughout the year. [More on that later.]

As for reading, I have stuck to mainly articles and blogs posted by Artists, Designers, Programmers, and Animators. Below are a few of my favorites. Timothy Dries has been providing consistent weekly updates with great analysis, breakdowns, and tips. Pauh Paulinlo has great video tutorials on basic concepts that I find myself continuing to go back to and Ricardo Bess’ post mortem is a great insight into the game development processes.

Which I highly recommend following and reading through!

Diet and Exercise

Ha, well, can’t say I didn’t try this out! I did get a gym membership, so that still counts right? I joined up with a local community kickball league, in which we played for about 3 months. We ended the season 1 and 9 so not bad for a first year team I say. I can positively say I was more active this year than last. Even if it wasn’t much, it was still fun and better than no fun.

2020 Goals

I think keeping to these goals is the better option, but, I’m going to slowly add to them over time. Through leveling up my goals throughout the year, like you would skill-sets in an RPG. Add some creative fun to it! This also gives me the opportunity to main as an artsy type or make a pretty balanced build.

As shown last year, thanks to the Scrum Plugin “Burndown for Trello”, I was projected to finishing my goals around June 20, 2021. Well I manage to shave off about an hour for my daily burn down for the year (working less hours on average overall), which is shown through barely working on many personal projects.

So with that, I have wrapped up 2019! Here’s to a new year filled with growth and art! Hope you all have a great new year!

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